Below is a list of common repair services and their likely cost. Every repair is different and could vary slightly depending on the instrument and how much work needs to be done.

If you have any questions about a specific instrument repair that is not listed, please contact us for a quote.


Full Service Setup:

clean, condition fretboard, light fret polish, restring, adjust neck, set bridge height & intonation, adjust pickups, check & clean electrical parts (extra $10 for Floyd Rose setups or 12-strings)

$95 plus strings

Fret Dress:

level, recrown & polish frets

(includes the Full Service Setup)



remove frets, clean slots & level fingerboard, install & dress new frets (includes Full Service Setup)($200 extra for Gibson-style bound necks with nibs; $150 extra if Maple fretboard refinishing is needed)


Pickup Installation:

(excludes pickups)

$40 charge for routing if needed

$100 charge for installing acoustic preamp

$50/single or $80/set

$150 for acoustic pickup


Replace jack/pots/switches/caps:

(excluding parts)

$30/each $100/all

replace all components (including premium parts; for pickups add $30 + price of pickups)


Replace Nut or saddle:

hand-shaping new nut & fitting to guitar (including bone or Tusq parts)


Custom wiring options:

coil splits, series/parallel, treble bleed mod, etc. (excluding parts)



add $100/neck $250/body to prices to

strip old finish if neededadd $60 if binding presentadd $50 for sunburst or custom colors$100 refinish maple fingerboard, headstock or spot-finish body

$250 custom logo on headstock (includes

finishing & restring)

$150 refinish neck /satin

$200 refinish neck /glossy

$350 refinish body /satin

$500 refinish body /glossy

Miscellaneous repairs

Charged $60 per hour, most common repairs usually cost between $40-$100
Most minor cracks in acoustics $50; major cracks $100-$150

Cracked or broken headstocks $100-$150 + finishing

Replace acoustic top $800 + timber & finishing