Evertune bridges

I’ve installed several of these Evertune bridges over the years, they are a quite interesting and fun design. Each string has its own floating spring tension assembly that act independently of each other, unlike a tremolo bridge where all strings bend together.

The purpose of the bridge is to counteract the tension caused by bending or finger pressure and stops every note from bending out of tune. So even if you bend a note the pitch doesn’t change. Perfect for recording when you want chords to stay in perfect tune or single note riffs and lines.

It obviously would be terrible for playing blues when you want those microtonal pitch changes, but you can also set it so that it does move when you bend it past a certain tension, kind of like a trem-setter. A really cool system though.

2 thoughts on “Evertune bridges

  1. Guitars haven’t changed since 1955 but the tech has , so it helps tweak a right first time design for perfect tune control and good tone

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