Luthier Dave Rumsey has been playing guitar for over thirty years, touring in eight different countries and recording on several major label albums with artists like Earthsuit and Jason Morant.  With all that experience he knows exactly what a guitarist needs out of his instrument and all the possibilities of tone out there for the taking.

He began his journey into lutherie in New Orleans servicing guitars and amps and custom-building his own brand of instruments and handwired amplifiers under the name Rumsey Instruments.  It all began in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina destroyed many of his instruments and amplifiers, and he decided to build his own instead of spending thousands of dollars on factory-made products to rebuild his arsenal.

2011 was a year of rebirth, when he decided to move with his half-Aussie family to the Central Coast here in sunny Australia.  Now he’s operating Central Coast Guitars in Lisarow here on the Central Coast of NSW, also doing repairwork for local music shops and schools and building his own brand of guitars.  Once music was his profession and lutherie a hobby, now tables have turned and lutherie is the profession with a healthy dose of music hobby.

If you have any questions about guitar tone, setups, modifications, pickups,  building methods, amps, effects, touring, music theory, etc. Dave is the guy to talk to!